Suzi Quatro – Cat Size in Happy Days

1bWhen you think of rock in early 70s, impossible not to think of little Suzi. Susan Kay “Suzi” Quatro is a British-based American singer, bass guitar player also songwriter. Suzi is the first female bass player to become a major rock star. Between 1973 and 1980, she was awarded six Bravo Ottos. She is also known in the US for her role as female bass player Leather Tuscadero on the TV show Happy Days. Show producer Garry Marshall offered the role without audition after seeing a picture of her on his daughter’s bedroom wall. Leather was the younger sister of Fonzie’s girl friend, hot-rod driver Pinky Tuscadero. Leather fronted a rock band joined by principal character Joanie Cunningham. The character returned in other cameo roles, including once for a date to a fraternity formal with Ralph Malph. Marshall offered Quatro a Leather Tuscadero spin-off, but she refused. Quatro never want to be typecast. The classic Suzi Quatro’s Cat Size was written by her and ex-husband lead guitarist Len Tuckey, and “nothing to do with the size of a cat”. In the lyrics “I’m gonna find me a cat’s eye”, then Suzi explained why she made the title Cat Size. “There was a thing in England in the roads that was invented, these little spotlights in the road when you’re on a dark, and they were called Cat’s Eyes. What a great idea for a song, which is what I called it. But I wanted to be clever, so I called it Cat Size. But you’ve got the meaning right, it is something that sees in the dark”. (nDy) 

Penggemar musik 70an pernah akrab dgn cewek imut berjaket kulit, bernyanyi lantang sambil mencabik bass. Salah satu hits abadinya berjudul Cat Size, agaknya masih sering diperdebatkan hingga kini. Ada yg menyebutnya Cat’s Eye dan secara grammar memang lebih edukatif, atau Cat’s Size yg mendekati lirik asli meski gak nyambung karena gak bercerita tentang kucing. Suzi akhirnya menerangkan, Cat Size diambil dari kosa kata British, sering berbeda dgn bahasa Inggris – Amerika, yakni lampu kecil sbg rambu dan penerang jalanan mirip mata kucing. Pamor Suzi Quatro cukup legendaris dan sering jadi ilham lagu penyanyi lainnya, walau berkesan kurang dihargai serta luput dari berbagai penghargaan. Padahal ia boleh disebut lady rockers dunia pertama sbg vokalis juga pemain alat musik, meski band Dara Puspita dari Indonesia juga telah melakukan di era 60an. Video ini ku edit dari penampilannya pada serial TV favorit era 70an. (nDy)

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