Vina Panduwinata – Singles Bar

b4These days seems new pop or young singers come and go in less than a year. It which makes a seasoned singer such as Vina Panduwinata something of a rarity. Her father was a diplomat who was on duty to West Germany from 1975 to 1979. While in Hamburg Vina recorded an album for RCA Records entitled JAVA. It was released in 1978 with four tracks; Java, Singles Bar, Sorry Sorry, and Touch Me. Prior to the 70’s there were two types of bars: Cocktail Bars, which typically came to with a date and there was usually some sort of entertainment. And regular bars where single people tend to gather for the purpose of meeting and connecting with other singles, these become described as Singles Bars, not a single bar. It’s an old-fashioned term of the activities that is now out of date. This sound of Singles Bar with disco beat just like a classic Dreadlock Holliday for me. Vina returned to Indonesia in 1981 and made her debut Indonesian album, Citra Biru on Jackson Records and Tapes. Vina as a Diva further influenced other Indonesian and Malaysian singers including Sheila Majid. (nDy)

Jauh sebelum para musisi lokal bermimpi tampil di pentas dunia, segelintir seniman Indonesia telah berkelana memetik reputasi seperti Dara Puspita di Eropah akhir 60an. Serta di Jerman era 70an, misalnya Mogi Darusman, kuartet Vanua Levu yg didukung Duddy Iskandar dan January Christy punya hits klasik Only A Fool dari album Internasional berjudul Island Of Fantasy. Bahkan saat Oekun masih kuliah seni di Moira House of Eastbourne di Inggris, ia pernah juara nyanyi se kampus membawakan lagu Poor Blind Earth karya Harry Roesli. Jangan pula melupakan Vina Panduwinta turut tarik suara di Jerman dgn menghasilkan rekaman berupa hits Singles Bar, sebelum publik Indonesia mengenalnya. (nDy)


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