Cozy Powell – Living A Lie

Picture1Colin Trevor Flooks (29 December 1947 – 5 April 1998) was adopted and never met his birth parents. He started playing drums aged twelve in school, at fifteen he had already worked out an impressive drum solo. The stage name “Cozy” was borrowed from the jazz drummer Cozy Cole. He involved with many major rock bands and artists like Sorcerers, The Jeff Beck Group, Rainbow, Gary Moore, Robert Plant, Brian May, Michael Schenker Group,  Emerson Lake & Powell, Black Sabbath, and Yngwie Malmsteen. Many drummers have cited him as a major influence. Cozy Powell had appeared on at least 66 albums for 3 decades. “Tilt” (known as Thunder Storm in Japan) is the second solo album by Powell, released in 1981. It features musical assistance from Jeff Beck, Gary Moore, Jack Bruce, Bernie Marsden, Don Airey, also saxophone player Mel Collins among other well known, Neil Murray from Colosseum to Black Sabbath, and David Sancious a famous jazz player. “Living A Lie” with Frank Aiello takes over on lead vocals, a slow blues written by Cozy with Marsden and Don Airey. The guitar solo was being particularly memorable to bring a strong nuance of 70’s music. Despite for those who were expecting a repeat success of the brilliant Over the Top, Tilt project still considered to be one of best drummers album with heavy-hitting style of music. (nDy) 

Fans musik 70/80an sudah pasti paham Cozy Powell. Drummer yatim yg sejak usia dini telah tampil dalam orkestra sekolahan, lalu ngejazz sambil mengadopsi nama Cozy Cole. Beralih jadi rockers setelah kenalan dgn John Bonham dan Robert Plant, terlibat proyek bareng Tony Iommy. Latar belakang demikian membuatnya sulit bertahan di satu grup maupun hanya sejenis gaya musik. Sebagai petualang, wajar jika namanya tersebar. Ia nyaris terlibat di setiap rekaman klasik para band raksasa, hingga sejumlah 66 album di sepanjang 3 dekade. Bukan cuma figuran karena kombinasi ghost stroke berikut aksen melodiknya selalu menerbitkan vintage. Album Tilt, atau Thunder Storm versi Jepang, proyek solo keduanya di tahun 1981. Melibatkan sahabat lama seperti Jeff Beck, Bernie Marsden, Gary Moore, Jack Bruce, Neil Murray, Don Airey, juga pendekar jazz Mel Collins dan David Sancious. Komposisi “Living A Lie” dgn vokal Frank Aiello bercorak Blues yg dipertegas solo gitar Marsden, menjadi salah satu warisan Cozy Powell yg sakral. Sengaja kuhiasi adegan Viking agar lebih kekinian serta familiar. (nDy)

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