Tom “Smooth Jazz” Grant

TOMTom Grant is an American singer and natural entertainer nimbly walks the line between jazz & modern pop. Born to show business parents, Tom was at home with many musical instruments, but always returned to the piano. At tender age, he was taught to play piano and drums by his tap dancer father at their’s record store in Oregon. He plays jazz piano with harmonic and deep sense of swing that only comes from more than four decades on the bandstand. As one of Pacific Northwest’s most renowned musical artists, his career achievements reflect of unique ability to embrace the spectrum of contemporary music. In the 80’s – 90’s Tom recorded a series of jazz-influenced pop albums that have variously been called New Adult Contemporary, or “Smooth Jazz”, each have been best-sellers in the “lite jazz” market. Tom was featured in many of the national music mags as well as in a CNN news spot, he’s also quite popular in Japan and Indonesia.

Pianis dan vokalis Amerika yg lahir dari keluarga musisi, Tom Grant belajar piano dan drum sejak balita dari ayahnya di studio pribadi merangkap toko musik. Setelah banyak bergaul dgn beragam musisi Jazz berikut konser, ia memutuskan lebih mandiri di jalur “muzak” yg disebut New Adult Contemporary. Berupa album rekaman popular era 80an dan lumayan sukses sehingga ia mendapat julukan sbg bapaknya Smooth Jazz.

Beberapa lagunya seperti One Of These Days, Night Charades, Happy Feet, juga What You Do To Me begitu terkenal di Jakarta saat menghiasi drama Catatan Si Boy di stasiun radio terkenal. Maka Tom Grant sering tampil buat ngamen di Indonesia, juga beken di Jepang. Itulah alasan kenapa video “What You Do To Me” bernuansa oriental, selain “pesanan” dari istriku. Sedangkan versi “One Of These Days” lebih universal bareng Monica. (dionisius endy)

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