Kota Terumbu Karang Pulau Lemukutan

1.Rekaman video ini dibuat sederhana di Agustus 2014, untuk pemilihan Tokoh Pemuda Indonesia berbasis pelestarian dan lingkungan hidup. Kerja sama antara LSM Nasional dgn pihak media dan instansi kepemudaan pusat di Jakarta. Salah satu nominasi untuk pemuda lokal Kalbar adalah mewakili aspek lingkungan kelautan. Island youth named Wahid, is a local lad who loved to dive. He’s concerned at deteriorating sea conditions mainly due to bomb the reef as destructive fishing. He become unhappy when diving, many reef fish disappear. Then he with some friends doing simple activities to restore the environment, such as coral transplantation since 2012. They drowned approximately 240 concretes which each there are 36 dots, or totally 800 seeds of coral grows.

The coral transplantation methods provide a simple and relatively low-cost way for Wahid to recovery his local waters and enhance reefs even though natural improve is slow. With species capable of being happily transplanted, then this could indeed be a solution for keeping coral reefs healthier. Wahid says his goal is not sophisticated, just make him love to keep diving and see the beauty of fish again. If you happy with this simple activity and agree with Wahid, please support him by like this video included your comment as well.

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