Djaduk Ferianto – Mission Impossible

Born and raised in Jogjakarta, Djaduk Ferianto comes from a progressive, artistic family. His father, the late choreographer Bagong Kussudiardja started a cultural center or padepokan where he taught and practiced “kreasi baru” using free movements and sounds based on local traditional musical and dances from all around Indonesia. As well as studying fine art in the Arts Institute in Yogyakarta, Ferianto made an intensive study of gamelan music. He gained much compositional experience creating music for dance for his father. In 1994 he co-founded the experimental music and poetry group Kyai Kanjeng with Emha Ainun Najib, a popular poet, intellectual and Islamic figure. In the group Ferianto brought together diatonically-tuned gamelan instruments with Western instruments including the violin, keyboards and percussion. The influence of Najib as leader and speaker gave Ferianto’s compositions within Kyai Kanjeng a distinctly Islamic flavour. After leaving the group in 1995 he formed Kua-Etnika, a group with the same instrumental concept, for which he has written increasingly mature works. He regularly appears with Kua-Etnika and the arranger Aminoto Kosim on a popular TV programme accompanying Indonesian pop singers. He is also well known for his compositions for music theatre. In Indonesian music he acts as a mediator between the worlds of experimental, gamelan and pop music. Together with his brother Butet Kartaredjasa in Teater Gandrik, Djaduk tried to fill that gap with sociopolitical awareness, comedy and music. (nDy)

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