Joe Yamanaka – Mama Do You Remember

Akira “Joe” Yamanaka was of mixed Japanese and Jamaican descent. Perhaps best remembered as one of Japan rock history’s strongest vocalist, he also had other sides to his career and recognized for 20 years of charity and flew around the world visiting more than 30 countries. He was friends with numerous celebrities including Mickey Curtis, Yoko Ono and Bob Marley. Joe later became the lead singer of The Wailers after Marley had passed away. He had a very successful solo career in the far east and also acted in several films. His most well-known song in Indonesia is Mama Do You Remember as theme song of the 1977 film Proof of the Man. In Chinese speaking countries the song is called Old Straw Hat taken from lyrics in the song. In 2011 Joe died from his cancer less than a month before his 65th birthday. (nDy)

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