JULIE – Julio Bernardo Euson

Nothing much can be gathered from the internet about Euson’s biography, maybe he is not so famous or not much publicity was given to him. His full name is Julio Bernardo Euson, wiki said he came from Aruba, a small island in the Caribbean. The hinterland features some rolling hills, the best known of which are called Mount Jamanota with the capital of the island is called Oranjestad. Euson formed his first band aging just twelve years in Aruba then tried his luck and emigrated to the Netherlands in 1962. He joined the beat groups The Scarlets from The Hague, changing to the Rotterdam garage rock band Kreole Kats which renamed to Julio Euson & the Kreole Kats. As the winner of Viña del Mar International Song Festival in Chile 1972, Euson was represented the Netherlands with the song Julie written and composed by himself. Later in 1973 together with Oscar Harris, he represented the Netherlands again at the Golden Orpheus song contest in Bulgaria. Personally I love the way he sang this song “Julie” although his greatest hit was “Both Sides Now”. (nDy)
Tembang lawas Julie milik Euson lumayan banyak direkam oleh kaset bajak 80an. Seperti pada serial terkenal Memory of the Year jilid 2 juga The Emerald Evergreen Hits, keduanya produksi Atlantic Record, maupun Top Memory Hits 2 produksi Golden Lion, dst. Namun koleksi favoritku pada kaset Perina yg pertama kali memuat suara Euson. (nDy)


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