NiteFlyte – You’re Breaking My Heart

Vocalist Howard Johnson started out in Miami, holding fort in local bars until he met a life-changing business contact. That was Sandy Torano, a guitarist and producer associated with performers such as the Commodores. Johnson was his choice for a new vocal group thus began the singer’s recording career. It was 1977, the group was called Niteflyte as an American funk group. The project lasted for only two albums but created enough of a buzz for A&M to sign Johnson to a new contract. Niteflyte split in 1981 and Johnson embarked on a solo career. (nDy)
Niteflyte merupakan grup R&B asal Miami, terdiri dari vocalis Howard Johnson dan gitaris Sandy Torano yg pernah terlibat dgn The Commodores. Mereka didukung beberapa musisi lepas di tahun 1977 lalu merilis album perdana yg menghasilkan hits If You Want It masuk 100 Billboard 1979. Disusul album kedua yg gagal namun masih beken di Indonesia seperti lagu You Are serta balada You’re Breaking My Heart. Maka selain muncul di beberapa kaset jazz, juga laris di berbagai kaset sentimentil, seperti koleksi favoritku Sweet Pop 4 rekaman Aquarius. Setelah Howard Johnson dikontrak major label A&M Record, Niteflyte bubar saat itu pula di 1981. (nDy)


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