The Tenants – Sheriff (lyrics)

Capitalizing on the new wave sound in late 1981, the band’s origins started when Andy McLean met fellow guitarist and vocalist Gary Brown. They struck a friendship and Brown introduced him to some friends he’d just formed a band. Literally within weeks they began doing the local circuit around Toronto. By the time they entered Phase One Studios to the band’s self-titled debut was released in early 1983 with low budget. The album was filled with simple hooks and melodies put to even simpler lyrics, and “Sheriff” became the first single, cracking the top 40 and it caught the attention of radio stations. As most have commented in the past, this song bears a strong resemblance to the sound of the Police. Mainly because of it’s reggae style. The album went on to sell a quarter million copies while the band toured Canada and the US for the next year. Coincidentally, they were managing another band from Australia called Men At Work. Accountable for the funds, The Tenants eventually broke up and Sheriff isn’t the easiest record to find. (nDy)
Ketika NEW WAVE booming di awal 80an, gitaris Andy McLean baru hijrah dari London ke Kanada, bertemu vokalis Gary Brown. Mereka berkeliling Toronto mencari komunitas Punk yg terbatas untuk bikin gigs. Perjuangan teramat sulit. Kemudian Andy dihubungi rekan lama dari Melbourne agar memadu nuansa reggae seperti The Police yg lagi trend. Maka terbentuklan The Tenants dgn singel perdana Sherif produksi lokal. Sukses menembus Top 40 Kanada serta menjadi hot airplay di beberapa radio Amerika. The Tenants diundang beberapa kali konser di beberapa kota pantai timur hingga ke New York. Juga sempat tampil di Melbourne bareng teman Andy bernama Colin Hay, bersama grupnya Men At Work. Hanya mereka yg pernah mengalami kejayaan new wave 80an bisa memahami sejarah ini. (nDy)

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