Sunday Father – Barry Manilow and Goldie Hawn

dOne of my favourite, often underrated album, which most of Barry’s own songs were purposely written with a personal message in mind. One Voice was the album that came immediately after Barry’s traumatic times in his life. Suddenly a man came and visited him after a concert, claiming to be his father. Someone Barry hadn’t seen in over 20 years, a man who left him and his mother. The meeting was uneventful and led to the somber state of One Voice. Listen to the words of the song Sunday Father has a real meaning about missing people or broken relationships. This is also true of Sunday Father about a divorced. “One day to keep the two .. from turning to strangers”. Dad trying to make the most of his one day a week with his son, but it never happened to Barry. (nDy)

Barry Manilow cukup spesial buatku. Sejak kecil bersenandung Mandy, pernah juara paduan suara mahasiswa di kampus Parahyangan dgn lagu Somewhere In The Night. Sayangnya gak mungkin kutampilkan di PosMusicA akibat klaim hak cipta. Lalu saat kemarin “nyari bahan” di youtube, ketemu dokumen super langka. Barry tampil pada acara khusus Goldie Hawn dgn lagu spesial, favoritku tapi gak dikenal, Sunday Father. Dari album paling emosional dan bersejarah untuk Barry, berjudul One Voice di tahun 1979. Sesaat seusai konser, Barry ditemui seorang pria gak dikenal di balik pentas. Dia mengaku sbg ayahnya yg lama hilang setelah menelantarkan keluarga. Amat membekas dan traumatik, diungkapkan dalam album bersifat personal. Lagu Sunday Father jelas merujuk perceraian ibunya berikut anak lelaki yg tetap dikunjungi sang ayah, namun bukan masa kecil Barry. Dikemas dalam kaset Paradise Cafe rekaman Team Records, album yg menurutku mempengaruhi mood awal Dian Pramana Poetra. (nDy)

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