Jade & Pepper – Don’t Tell It To Jane

Picture1Back in the late 60’s and early 70’s mainly in the UK, there emerged a Blues boom that evolved into Rock scene. The Jimi Hendrix Experience and a bit later, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath surfaced on the scene. Over in Singapore the same genre bands took roots, such as Fried Ice with Ray Anthony as the Singapore’s Jimi Hendrix, Straydogs with twin Axemen “Soon and Jimmy”, Pest Infested with Alam Shah and vocalist Ernie Koh with Sweet Charity who later moved on and pioneered Malay Rock in Semenanjung. The other more renowned band that need mentioning is The Surfers who later became October Cherries as one of the most innovative local group in Singapore and Malaysia. They have about 20 albums to their credit also in the name of “Jade & Pepper” in the later years.

Dalam sejarah permusikan rumpun Melayu sejak awal 60an, mungkin yg cuma dikenal hanya para musisi dari Indonesia dan Malaysia. Kemudian mereka ngamen di Singapura yg relatif lebih mapan ekonominya sbg pusat jalur niaga dunia. Padahal band lokal juga hadir meski umumnya didominasi musisi bule hingga Amerika Latin, sehingga pasaran merekapun lebih tertuju ke Eropah dan Amerika. Contohnya kelompok The Surfers yg kelak menjadi October Cherries hingga akhir 60an. Lalu berubah menjadi duet musisi Jay Shotam dan Peter Diaz sbg Jade & Pepper yg merilis banyak hits di luar Singapura. Salah satunya Don’t Tell It yg pernah menjadi favorit bokapku di awal 70an. (nDy)


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