Yellow Magic Orchestra – Computer Game

Picture1America and Britain are two places YMO hopes to build up enthusiastic, something no other Japanese band has been able to do before. It appears they may be on the verge of accomplishing that goal. “Computer Game” as a single from the band’s first LP, “Yellow Magic Orchestra” released by the A&M in October 1979. It has lately become a standard at New Wave discos, jumped onto the pop, disco and soul charts, propelling the year-old album into the Top 100 as well. And Solid State Survivor should arrive just in time to take advantage of YMO’s newfound following. The band was formed by three well-known and respected Japanese studio musicians. Bassist-keyboard player Haruomi “Harry” Hosono, drummer Yukihiro Takahashi, and classically keyboardist Ryuichi Sakamoto. “For three or four years I had been thinking that we needed something really powerful. Something really new in the music scene that could be really powerful anywhere in Japan, in the United States and Europe”, Hosono explains. “But I also wanted something that would be original to come from Tokyo as the technopolis, you will surprise by this magnetic city power”. Predictably, the members of Yellow Magic Orchestra cite Brian Eno and Giorgio Moroder as “fellow travelers, including electronic music of Isao Tomita and Kraftwerk. YMO were pioneers of synthpop, it’s been described as “the original cyberpunks”. They influenced the New Romantic movement and early British synthpop acts including Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, also The Human League. In HMV Japan’s list of top 100 Japanese musicians of all time, YMO were voted second place, behind only Southern All Stars, a pop-rock band who remain largely unknown outside Japan. (nDy, with any cite from Rolling Stone Mags, June 12, 1980; “Yellow Magic Orchestra, Japanese Technopop is poised to invade America”, by James Henke). 

Di awal 80an, aku cuma kenal 6 musisi techno dunia berdasarkan kaset YESS koleksiku. Tiga asal Jerman yakni Klaus Schulze, Kraftwerk, dan Tangerine Dream. Mereka legenda Krautrock, jenis rock elektronik yg berawal di Jerman era 60an akhir. Tiga sisanya dari masing2 negara berbeda yakni Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, dan Tomita mewakili Asia. Lalu berkembang sejalan kaset di luar rekaman YESS, hadir pula Eberheard Schoener, Brian Eno, Mike Oldfield, Rick van der Linden. Juga Michael Cretu yg bersama Enigma berjasa mempopulerkan musik ambien atau New Age generasi kedua, termasuk Deep Forest yg mempengaruhi Anggun C Sasmi versi Perancis. Dari Tomita karena berasal dari Jepang, aku mulai kenal Yellow Magic Orchestra meski sebetulnya selera mereka berbeda. Setelah cukup menyimak, aku makin paham musik New Romantics seperti Duran Duran hingga Smashing Pumpkins memang berkiblat pada YMO sbg pelopor. Contoh musisi Indonesia misalnya Jockie Suryoprayogo dan Fariz RM jika serius, tapi mereka terpaksa nge-pop karena selera pasar agar dapat hidup layak. (nDy)


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