GOD Only Knows – The Beach Boys

God - JossThis song is considered a Beach Boys classic, but it only managed to scrape the Top 40 in the United States. The lyric opens by saying, “I may not always love you”, which is a very unusual way to start a love song. Song “Here, There And Everywhere” from The Beatles was inspired by this song. Paul McCartney once called “God Only Knows” as the greatest song ever written. George Martin also called it his favorite non-Beatles pop song of the 60’s, because of its technical brilliance and use of instruments. Brian Wilson wrote this song with Tony Asher for Pet Sounds. This song reflects Wilson’s interest in spirituality, and it was a big departure from previous Beach Boys songs that dealt with girls, cars and surfing. Wilson explained to Goldmine in 2011, “Tony and I tried to write something very spiritually. It’s got a melody similar to the song recites lyric to The Sound Of Music. Then Tony came up with the title “God Only Knows”, I was scared they’d ban playing it on the radio but they didn’t”. This new version from Joss Stone covered it for her album Mind Body & Soul in 2004. Also thanks to smuler Sheila @sheikha5254, serta S4S. (nDy) 


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