Sumi Jo – Songs My Mother Taught Me

1bGrammy Award-winning Korean soprano, Sumi Jo is known as recipient of International Puccini Award, Korean Award for Culture and Arts, Artist For Peace of UNESCO, Best Vocal Album by French Cultural Critics, and the Order of Culture Merit of Korea. The 57-year-old sopranos released more than 40 albums across a wide spectrum of music since her debut in Korea 1986, she recently released the album “Mother” dedicated to her mom. “I dreamed of making an album for all mothers in the world”, Jo said at press conference at Grand InterContinental Seoul. “My mother is suffering from Alzheimer’s, she cannot recognize me. So once she told me it would be nice if there was something to show that I remember her”. According to the singer, Jo’s mother had always regretted that she could not become a singer. She told Jo, not to get married and to travel the world as an artist, singing instead of her. Also in honor of the upcoming Mother’s Day, this week’s tune is Dvorak’s “Songs My Mother Taught Me”. Its memorable melody is both sad and optimistic. The texts used in this collection are poems written by Adolf Heyduk in Czech, then translated into German. In the years since the lyrics have also been written in English. No matter the language, this is undoubtedly among the most popular songs for classical soloists to perform, particularly sopranos and tenors. (nDy) 


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