Tania Maria – Come With Me

taniaI really in love with this tune when I first purchased it in Bandung around mid 80’s. Her name is Tania Maria who studied classical music in Brazil as a child, and was involved in Rio’s burgeoning Jazz as a teens. She moved to Paris in 70’s then relocating to New York early the 80’s and began releasing a chain of fabulous recordings. Her third album for the Concord label, Come With Me is certainly something of an early peak for her musical days. It provides elements for dance-floor or easy listeners who love scat-singing style such as George Benson. Tania has gone on to be one of the most respected artists of her era, playing countless festivals and award-winning that she will be remembered. I’m just happy to hear the tunes of Come With Me echo through my channel again, a vintage that will never tire of over decades. (nDy) 


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