Basia – From Now On

picture1A beautiful lady from Poland, singing in English for some Brazilian tunes and wrapped into a generic 80’s stuff. It was not recorded in the wrong decade or wrong place. She is Basia with brilliant taste of music it should be. First time I know her after hearing Matt Bianco on radio a couple of times with a bit jazzed up and fairly optimistic. Their songs are mostly fun with maturity in tracks with light trumpet just like any Herb Alpert song. By 1986, Basia left the group to focus on solo career, signed to Epic Records. She enjoyed a very successful world-wide spot between 1987 and 1995. Particularly in USA where her first 2 albums “Time and Tide” and “London Warsaw New York” were million-unit sellers. One of my fave “From Now On” is a nice acoustic ballad from her debut album, with memorable scenes from the movie “Kate and Leopold”. This is stuff for serious jazz and fusion lovers who appreciate the rich hybrid form of the genre. (nDy) 

MATT BIANCO, band Inggris bernuansa latin dgn liukan terompet ala Herb Alpert, plus vokalis unik asal Polandia. Racikan gado2 yg menyenangkan serta populer hingga di Indonesia 80an lewat nomor dansa maupun romantis, merupakan keuntungan saat Basia bersolo karir. Penggemar Astrud Gilberto ini memang punya vibra tipis seperti karakter idolanya. Saat aku sering nongkrong di kafe Bumi Sangkuriang Ciumbuleuit setelah jam kuliah di era 85an, ada penyanyi mungil berkulit gelap membawakan lagu2 Basia. Dalam versi akustik hanya diiringi gitar dan marakas untuk menemani tarian vokalnya. Katanya dia sedang terlibat dgn kelompok Krakatau meski belum bikin rekaman. Selanjutnya saban mendengar lagu khas Basia, khususnya From Now On, kenanganku selalu mengarah pada penyanyi mungil berkulit gelap itu. Oya, namanya Ruth Sahanaya. (nDy)

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