Beethoven Symphony Rock – Lee Seung Chul

BeethovenI might say, Beethoven is a fu*king rock star already ahead us 300 years . He was the real innovator, coming at the very end of classical era. The passion in his music served as an example to every composer to come after him also to shape the course of the romantic era. I checked Google several times for his name mentions from around the world, finally found the inspiration for “Roll Over Beethoven”. How Chuck Berry’s sister hogging the piano to play classical music when he was a kid. Then Electric Light Orchestra’s version of “Roll Over Beethoven” incorporates the motif from the first movement into a classic rock and roll song by Chuck Berry. Walter Murphy adapted the first movement under the title of “A Fifth Of Beethoven” as a disco in 1976, also “Difficult To Cure” or Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony by Ritchie Blackmore for Rainbow’s album in 1981. It’s a bit rougher around the edges than this honorable version but how classical music actually adds something to the modern song. Somewhere in Heaven, Beethoven is smiling and banging his head to the beat of Emperor Band from Lee Seung-Chul and the guitarrist name is Park Chang Gon. With Beethoven Symphony No. 5/ 1st & No. 9/ 4st, also Rimsky Korsakov’s The Flight of the Bumblebee probably had the greatest influence on the course of world music, thus the best example on rock and roll today. (nDy)

Ludwig Van Beethoven, komposer asal Jerman dalam era peralihan antara Zaman Klasik menuju Romantik dgn gaya dinamik. Maka karyanya dianggap cocok utk dipadukan dgn musik menghentak seperti Symphony No. 5 terutama No. 9 ketimbang partitur komposer klasik lainnya. lanjut lagi nanti deh..


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