Scott Jarrett – Lady

b7About 30 years ago Scott Jarrett released debut major album, or the only one recorded as primary artist, “Without Rhyme Or Reason”. Produced and heavily influenced by the famous Grusin – Rosen duo that well known from best 70’s light jazz progressive albums. The other musicians are top-notch players such as Marcus Miller and Chris Parker with well-crafted piece of work. So Scott blend the styles of Earl Klugh and James Taylor, no vocal’s vibration like Michael Franks, even I thought it was Kermit the Frog on The Image Of You. Overall this album full with wonderful tunes. My fave “Lady” is a short repetition which sticks in your head. Just like I had heard it million times before which beautifully reflected the lyrics : “In a life that passed before, now I only love you more”. It blended with an artful musical themes and lyric poetry that spoke of innocence. Always takes me back to the good times that my 80’s life was then. Sadly this album was so underrated that considering all the songs and musicians are sophisticated. But I don’t care .. as the closing lyric says. (nDy) 

Secara pamor, Scott kurang dikenal ketimbang abangnya, pianis Keith Jarrett. Mungkin lantaran ia hanya merekam satu album resmi bareng GRP dgn segmen terbatas. Padahal suaranya cukup akrab di berbagai radio kota New York berdasarkan beragam testimoni di yutube maupun blog jazz. Aku beruntung sbg fans radio KLCBS Bandung 80an turut menikmati suara lirih bergaya James Taylor berikut selera gitar ala Earl Klugh, menyatu dalam sosok Scott. Meski gak terlalu yakin jika video dan balada Lady menuai apresiasi layak di kanal dan blog PosMusicA, namun tetap kugarap serius untuk pustaka pribadi. Berikut ilustrasi dari film Almost Famous yg agaknya asing di republik +62 ini. (nDy)

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