Borneo Equator Expedition 2009


This event was organised by Indonesian Offroad Federation (IOF). The aim was to try to stick as close to the “equator-line” as possible as they traversed on the 3rd largest island in this planet. So the expedition should pass through an area of infamous jungle from the West to the East of island with trip totally takes about 2.000 Km in 14 days. The point of departure starting from Pontianak West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan into, and finish in Samarinda East Kalimantan. Participants also came from Asia, Europe and Australia by 32 cars, UTV and 6 trail bike. Experiences will not happen in life, a chance to get new friends in an adventure travel show with theme, “The Environment Mutual Cooperation and Sportsmanship”. It is the first time after 25 years ago, some vehicles taking part in legendary Camel Trophy in Borneo 1985 and 1996, both failed. They decided to try to pass through the jungle but stuck. All 15 Land Rovers trying to cross it, were trap and had to be air-lifted out then evacuated of the jungle by helicopter. (nDy) 

Peserta “Borneo Equator Expedition 2009” terdiri dari 30 kendaraan, 1 UTV, 5 sepeda motor, 100 personal dari Australia, Amerika, Belanda, Italia, Malaysia serta Indonesia. Semua kendaraan fully loaded dgn spesifikasi kompetisi untuk jarak 2500an Km. Target utama harus tepat menyusuri garis Khatulistiwa dgn deviasi maksimal 1 derajat Lintang Utara maupun Selatan. Sekaligus menebus kegagalan tim legendaris Camel Trophy yg pernah macet dua kali di hutan Kalimantan tahun 1985 dan 1996. Belasan Land Rover terjebak dan harus diangkat helikopter kemudian pulang. Ekspedisi kali ini dimulai dari Pontianak tgl 6 Desember, direncanakan tiba di Samarinda dua minggu berselang. Jarak tempuh dan kondisi off road jauh lebih berat dari rute Camel Trophy karena menembus gunung mengikuti garis ekuator, belum pernah dipikirin manusia waras. (nDy)

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