Bruno Mars di Indonesia

Undoubtedly as one of the most talented entertainers in the world right now, everybody knows Bruno Mars. I don’t have to explain too much in this video, but some funky photos might surprise you a bit. What if Bruno Mars was born and lives in Indonesia?
1. He comes from a musical family (kayak keluarga organ tunggal).
Bruno is of Puerto Rican and Filipino descent, his father is a percussionist and his mother is a hula dancer. At age 4 he joined his family’s band “The Love Notes” and performed with them 5 days a week.
2. He imitated several great artists (waspada dgn razia miras, agan).
Bruno said he was heavily influenced by Elvis Presley, James Brown, Prince, and had something in common with Michael Jackson.
3. He does more than sing (serba bisa, termasuk ikut Siskamling)
Bruno also a good song writer and producer for his own or even other artist. He can play any kind of music instruments and of course loves to dance as well.
4. One of trending questions is how tall Bruno Mars? (rata2 orang sini deh)
Bruno is more like an Asian for his 5FT 5IN tall which is equal to 165CM. He is also dating with model Jessica Caban for 5 years.
5. He has 10 Grammys and 3 World Record (tapi gak sombong dan rajin menabung).
According to Guinness Book of World Records, Bruno Mars becomes first male artist to achieve Three “10-million-selling-singles”, then Uptown Funk was the Most Weeks at No.1 on the U.S Digital Song Sales of all time. (nDy)

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