Paul Is Dead – Konspirasi Abad Ini

Picture4“Paul is Dead” conspiracy has been around for far longer than the internet existed. The theory speculates, after recording session for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Paul stormed out of the studio and raced his car, crash and die from a head injury. During the time, he was actually on vacation in Kenya. But a few real life incidents likely inspired the hoax. In 1965, Paul crashed his moped, which gave him a chipped tooth and a scar on lip. In January 1967, few months after his supposed death, Paul’s Mini Cooper was totaled in accident but he wasn’t in it at the time. Then the album cover for 1969’s Abbey Road may be one of the famous in music history. Iconic image features The Beatles walking across the road, and McCartney truthers think there’s some obvious funeral imagery. Paul is walking without wearing shoes, which some have argued is a symbol of death. The fact, Paul McCartney is still active in the music scene since what really happened on November, 1966. If the man currently masquerading as Paul McCartney is an imposter, then he’d definitely qualify as the greatest impersonator of all time.

Paus is dead” merupakan teori terkenal yg menyatakan bahwa salah satu anggota The Beatles telah wafat di tahun 1966 akibat kecelakaan mobil. Kemudian secara rahasia digantikan oleh decoy paling identik sesuai hasil kontes. Gosip bermula dari catatan milik seorang Beatlemania, mahasiswa asal Amerika yg mengaku banyak bukti otentik. Sehingga ditanggapi serius oleh Tim Harper, editor majalah Drake Times-Delphic lewat artikel “Is the Beatle’s Paul McCartney Dead?”, edisi 17 September 1969. Menjadi harta karun yg selalu dibahas panas hingga kini, sehingga the Fab Four memang gak pernah mati. Simak videoku dalam bahasa Indonesia. (nDy)

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