Akira Jimbo – Sunnyside Feelin’

Akira-RedAkira Jimbo is known as an accomplished freelancer musician and expert in fusing electronic and acoustic drums. He created several world class solo albums with other renowned artists. He also conducts clinics tours and shares his expertise with music enthusiasts. “When you practice, pay attention to your timing, especially the quarter-note feel. From that, everything else will follow”. Born on February 1959 in Tokyo, he started playing drums at the age of 15 at Keio University in Japan as a member of the school’s Light Music Society Big Band. In 1980 he joined the fusion group Casiopea during the years 1979-1989, releasing over a dozen albums and worldwide tour. Akira contributed several songs such as Mid Manhattan, Street Performer, Touch the Rainbow, and his signature’s Sunnyside Feelin’ with a nice four-beat rhythm. Once around mid 80s I found Sunnyside Feelin’ for background music at a commercial shampoo on TVRI, fits so fresh and nice. That’s why I put a cheerful scene from The Woman In Red on this video for sentimental reason. In 1999, Akira Jimbo was awarded 2nd place in the British drum magazine “Rhythm” for most popular drummer, then the first Asian drummer on the cover of American Modern Drummer magazine in June 2000 edition.

Meski Akira Jimbo relatif singkat bergabung di Casiopea sejak 1980 hingga 1989, namun dianggap sbg formasi terbaik juga legendaris. Menghasilkan belasan album yg laris serta terkenal hingga ke Indonesia, Akira menyumbang beberapa lagu seperti Mid Manhattan, Street Performer, Touch the Rainbow, dan menurutku paling populer, Sunnyside Feelin’. Akupun jadi terkenang pada iklan shampo di TVRI era 85an dihiasi lagu ini. Maka demi alasan sentimentil, sengaja kusisipkan cuplikan film The Woman In Red nan ceria pada video Sunnyside Feelin’ edisi trio Akira Jimbo + Abe Laboriel + Otmaro Ruiz. (nDy)

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